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Getting Ready for Christmas

As regular buyers know, I only ever make one or two of any set so if there is something that you really want it may not be here nearer Christmas.

Lots of Christmas sets for all the dolls are listed, including some Christmas pyjamas. And just added is a warm fleece zip front jacket for the 18" boys.

New laptops for 18" dolls, new shoes

I was able to find some more of the very cute laptops - but there are just 2 silver ones left now. 

Lots of new shoes, sandals and trainers in bright colours too. Some lovely glittery pumps for the 14.5" dolls too!

Halloween: Trick or Treat

Shops are full of pumpkin orange, haunted purple, ghostly green and creepy-crawly black displays but it seems as if there won't be children going round door to door this year.

Perhaps it is time to have a Treasure Hunt around your home and garden instead - and the dolls can join in.

All the Halloween doll sets include a bag for Trick or Treat goodies.


Welcome to AngelaW Doll Clothes.

I'm based in Staffordshire in the UK and will post all over the world.

I design and make clothes for 18" American Girl and Our Generation dolls, the thinner DesignaFriend dolls by Chad Valley, 14" Glitter Girl and Wellie Wishers, 12.6" Paola Reina girls, 12" Baby Alive and more dolls including 18" AG and OG boys. Doll dresses, doll pyjamas, jeans, tee shirts, beach sets, prom dresses, work wear scrubs - lots of choices, strongly made, washable: just right for lots of proper play. 

And there are ACCESSORIES to increase the fun - like shoes, trainers, laptops, jewellery and play food, all to the right scale. What about a hairbrush with the proper metal bristles to soothe out all those tangles? All prices include UK p&p: it is £4 more to send anywhere else in the world.

Come and explore the pretty things inside this website....

About AngelaW Doll Clothes

I sold doll clothes for years on Ebay as Jacksnanna and still have lots of very positive feedback. 


I only ever make one or two of any outfit so you can be sure that your doll looks so different and smarter than everyone else's.


I always use new fabrics and trimmings, even the velcro is colour-matched to the garments. Stock is constantly changing because I am always sewing. 


I make clothes to fit a range of girl dolls from American Girl and Our Generation, to DesignaFriend, the new 18" Sindy doll, Journey Girl, Gotz 'Hannah', and Kidz N' Cats together with the 14.5" Wellie Wisher, Glitter Girl and Hearts 4 Hearts dolls, 12.6" Paola Reina dolls and 12" Baby Alive dolls. The boy dolls aren't forgotten as there are sets for the 18" AG and OG boys as well as 12" Baby Alive boys. 

The outfits come complete with cute accessories like bags, jewellery, sunglasses, shoes or mobile phones (pretend ones, of course).


There are lots of other dolls out there but I only make clothes for dolls I have to fit them on. 

Contact Us

9 Stafford Rd
Eccleshall, ST21 6JP
United Kingdom

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