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My new website is now on line. It is quite basic at the moment but will get better as I work out how to improve it.

This website will close soon. Try the new one and let me know what you think, please.

is what you need - a much shorter url this time. I tried to get it even shorter but it turns out that awdc is a car club!

Only bit of the new site that I can't get to work is subscribing to the mailing list but I shall continue to tear out my hair and beat it into submission.

Happy Doll Dressing. xxxx Angela


About AngelaW Doll Clothes

I sold doll clothes for years on Ebay as Jacksnanna and still have lots of very positive feedback. 


I only ever make one or two of any outfit which means you can be sure that your doll looks smarter than, and different to, everyone else's.


I always use new fabrics and trimmings, even the velcro is colour-matched to the garments. Stock is constantly changing because I am always sewing. 


I make clothes to fit a range of girl dolls from American Girl and Our Generation, to the 14.5" Wellie Wisher, Glitter Girl and Hearts 4 Hearts dolls, 12.6" Paola Reina and Santoro Gorjuss dolls and 12" Baby Alive dolls. The boy dolls aren't forgotten as there are sets for the 18" AG and OG boys as well as 12" Baby Alive boys. 

The outfits come complete with cute accessories like bags, jewellery, sunglasses, shoes or mobile phones (pretend ones, of course).


There are lots of other dolls out there but I only make clothes for dolls I have to fit them on. 

Contact  me

9 Stafford Rd
Eccleshall, ST21 6JP
United Kingdom

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