A fun accessories set for 18" dolls:

  1. a pair of pale peach panties for American Girl or Our Generation 18" dolls, made in cotton with lingerie elastic at the waist and trimmed with white lace.
  2. a novelty rubber in the shape of a mobile phone which is just the right scale.
  3. a pair of orange glitter heart-shaped frame sunglasses.
  4. a yellow barrel-shaped zipped bag with a long handle to go over your doll's shoulder.

This is 4 items as listed above. The doll is not included.

I sourced the phone, the bag and the sunglasses. The handle was put on the bag by me and I made the panties.

Watch this space for more doll sized accessories.

Accessory Set for 18" dolls: panties, phone, sunglasses, bag

  • Fabric uppers, plastic soles.

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